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the parallel lines of love

art from google



i sometimes fear that i can never be yours,
the sinking feeling of facing closed doors,
where there is no space for me,
where there is no space for you,
in this cruel world where these truths are excruciatingly true.


i often think of this path we have chosen,
fingers slipping away as we slip on the cold earth so frozen,
where i shall always be the outsider, forever more,
a stab that strikes at my deepest core.


i wonder how i shall traverse these thorny alleyways,

knowing you and i shall love each other always,

but what becomes of a love akin to parallel lines that will never meet,

with just this ink pouring words on an empty sheet.


we are torn apart by this gaping hole,

you are where you are, i am where i can never be whole.

i sometimes fear that i can never be yours,

for wherever i look, i end up facing closed doors.



from google


art by banksy

Greed is Good* …

brands and little tender hands,
sewing and sweating,

in dinghy factories and in smoke-clogged stands.

Haute-couture and ostentatious labels,
black and blue whiskey on heaving sushi tables.

Greed is good,
it ‘enhances’ free-market competition,
as we blindly scamper from mall to mall,
devoid of a scintilla of compassionate vision.

Greed is good,
oh and it feeds,
on complicity,
as we reap the rewards,
of the sowing of hypocritical seeds.

Greed is good,
yes it is,
as long as we can buy and buy and buy and buy,


as long as there’s gourmet coffee to be had,


as long as there are oysters we can lasciviously shuck,

ohhhh yessss,
greed is good,
so we sew our mouths shut,
as we frolic,
as we party,


as we fuck …

art by banksy

( * – title borrowed from Oliver Stone’s film ‘Wall Street’ )

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