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blabbering quasi-philosophical bs …

memories persist, at times flitting in and out of view, as the continuum of time edges ever ahead,

we look ahead into the future, we turn our heads and the past lies strewn with fractured dreams, with splintered promises.

we plod on, ever mindful of the now, today, this moment, at once, right now, teasing out a life from second to second,

a life of desires merged with the ether, disappearing in the wind,

a life of vows, and of oaths taken, ridiculed by the corrosion of feelings,

a life yearned for, the neediness for love’s light, the light that will surely cast aside the desolation of this black hole, these infinite steps of day to day repetition,

a life embellished, with the sprayed on veneer of sophistication, of making it big, of being with it, of wanting it all now,

a life of the ticking down of the clocks,

as they urge us – just do it,

carpe diem,

a life of salivating in the now, the need to shuck oysters, the need for the clunky obscene timepieces, the need for the bubbly to be guzzled, the need for every desire, each want sated, yet always and ever clamouring for more,

and more,

while hearts bleed out,

out of sight,

while tears are rendered invisible, while the wailing cacophony of basic needs gets drowned, suffocated, deemed far to far from us to spare a thought,

even as the avalanche of greed, of bartering money for joy, of ensconcing oneself in towers of gold,

even as all that whips souls to the very core, as long we remain safe from the marauding horde, banging against our iron-clad door.

the void that yawns before us, a gaping hole we wish to fill till it is whole, flinging trinkets of silver and sparkling stones, into the ever widening yawn that from apathy is born,


the continuum of ever inching time exacts its price, turning hearts of empathy into blocks of ice,

tearing the fabric of one human family, barked out from loudspeakers at every charity ball, inured by the convenient shawl of giving back to the dregs who always by the wayside fall,

this life, these desires, these wants, these needs, these countless vulgarities of the 1% who rule everything, who control it all,

heartwarmed by the sound of tossing a few coins into a begging bowl,

all the while, the corrosive acid of financial success, erodes, bludgeons, sets ablaze,

the one thing that knows no boundaries, that breaks all barriers,

the promise of the possibility, of regaining within each of us,

the purity of our shared human soul

from google