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the torture of love …

slicing through memories, each bite of the scalpel tearing the heart apart,

every thorny rose digging deep, drawing blood, even as the barren soul lies trapped in the mud,

you loved me once, you promised me forever more, yet I now stand alone, locked outside your love’s door,

we shared champagne kisses, we walked into sunsets, we lay beneath the autumn trees, was that all for nought, as today I see love being bartered, sold and bought.

you threw me aside, by the gutters filling with sewage, your love had moved on you said, you had handsomer, sexier, cleverer men clinging to you, so I ended up a cast-away memory …

“do you know afzal?”.


your love was simple back then, when we shared stale bread and jam, tepid tea and broken biscuits, when we found solace in each others arms, but the tugging of this glittering world, left me on pavement, as you giddily swirled and twirled.

the years have passed, the wrinkles deep, the tears have dried up, the memories though, the memories still cut deep,

so enjoy your fillet mignon and your fine bubbly,

and forget about me, as I search for another underpass beneath which to sleep …

from google