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I found You

“I have lost my way”, i said.

She smiled, taking my hand,

“I have too”.

“I have found you”, said I.

“and I, you”, she breathed.

. . .

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a blabbering rhyme …

as i walk these splintered streets, whipped by icy rain pelting down in sheets,

my existence seemingly futile, my journey exhausting me mile after desolate mile,

seeking respite from the frigid winter frosting my soul, looking for that elusive place that may make me feel whole,

beyond these tears, banishing these fears,

no longer sleeping on this bed of nails, desperate for your love to boost my sails,

for us to travel hither and thither, even as the spring roses wilt and wither,

teasing out moments spent together with aching hope, yet still knotted in this life’s cruel tight rope,

i saw you standing at the bus stop, and i felt all the weight of emptiness deep inside me drop,

and when you smiled at me with your beret tilted to the side, i knew then that love could never again hide,

as we talked of dreams and hopes and of far off places, your love filled my soul’s barren spaces.

until i saw you no more waiting for me at the bus stop each morning,

i felt the desolation once again within me dawning.

i often wonder where you are,

after all these decades that have passed,

are you nearby or in some land so very far.

i do know that this is what i hope for you,

that wherever you are,

may you still be,

to yourself,



and as ever,

eternally true …

from google

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