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peace dove by Picasso

walking hand in hand in the rain,

we vowed we would fight their fascist disdain,

we kissed, tasting the salt of our tears,

the blindness of the  discrimination of love, polluted by ignorant fears,

the pain streaming down our cheeks,

torn apart by the howls of hate, by the odious stench that of prejudice reeks.

walking hand in hand, we promised each other we would take a stand,

we would affirm that love knows no barriers, no walls, no straightjacket, no jingoism of the parading band,

we would smash the narrow walls of patriarchal distaste,

that for millennia has bludgeoned dignity, fracturing it to splintered waste.

walking hand in hand, we promised each other to remain the bulwark, the vanguard against racist drivel,

but now, after the years of lost innocence, the ugly lies we sought to smash,

sprout like weeds, as principled values to the cold hard ground fall, and to a million bits fracture as they crash,

today the truths we knew once, lie catatonic in a corner, gradually into nothingness to mutely shrivel,

while all I have, is this pen, to belch out scribble after impotent scribble …

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from google