Monday schmaltzy Mush …

My desire for you, roars,

caressing the shores,

a desire fuelled by your completeness, as I behold you smashing boulders,

yet kissing the soft talcum beach of my dreams, while your head rests gently on my shoulders.

My desire for you simmers, as lovely hope glimmers,

your flame keeping my body ablaze with a hungering need,

an unquenchable thirst, an insatiable greed,

for ’tis you, your body, your soul, your fiery flesh,

on which my aching for you does feed.

You are a woman, a being of flesh and of blood, with sensuous allure drowning me in your desirous flood,

you have all of me soaked in your love,

as I gaze at you, your wings unclipped, your love reaching high as a sublime dove.

Banishing yesteryears emptiness with a lightness so rare,

your beautiful head and your succulent hair,

which my fingers stroke with tender care.

In this world of loneliness,

you are my perennial loveliness,

mending my broken dreams and shattered heart,

our humble hope is of never being apart.

We wish to be released from these hollow shells of false facade, of the vacuum of the empty charade,

but you and I, we love, we feel, we touch each other in the truest ways,

soul to soul, our togetherness along with the palm sways,

away from this deadening parade,

seeking only shelter in each others shade,

for though separated by distance we may be,

our love flies, no longer shackled on bended knee.

I love you deeply, I want you so much,

my body burns, my thoughts steamy with images of you, my skin yearning for your touch,

two bodies, intertwined, in unison, two hearts made one, two souls made whole,

and for that bond to strengthen,

I shall gladly walk,

on red-hot blazing coal