Away …

I want to take you away, from this place of splintered dreams,

of desires left out in the rain to rust,

far away where we are alone,

away from this place that turns hearts to stone.

I want to take you away, far from the tears and the pain,

to our secret abode of pristine love,

where we shall rest together, on our silken beach,

under the warm sun shining above.

I want to take you away, from these city streets, from this suburban stasis,

to a place where all around us there are peaceful trees, with a murmuring stream flowing along,

to our place of peace, to our dream soaked island,

where we really belong.

I want to take you away, from the cacophonous crowd, the hollow parties, the painted on smiles,

far far away from this straightjacket of society, and far far away from its hypocritical norms,

where there runs a vulgar undercurrent just beneath the veneer,

and where souls are driven not by love, but by debilitating fear.

I want us, you and I, to flee to our secluded garden of paradise,

for as your head rests on my chest at this moment in time,

we shall leave all of this behind,

as long as we are together, now,

together to simply be,

we are without fetters,

we are blissfully free,

so I may love you,
and you may love me …