Earth – Our only Home …

When shall we awaken from our inebriated sleep,

to hear the pangs of pain that our mother Earth does weep?

When shall we shun the myopia of selfish greed,

to realise that we pillage more than we ever need?

When will tear our sewn eyes open,

to tend to our mother, as she shrieks, bruised and broken?

When will we vanquish the actions of governments, the corporations, and all those who callously loot,

as they strip bare our Earth without giving a hoot?

Will it be in our lifetime, that we shall make a collective stand,

isn’t the hour of action now at hand?

Will we sit by quietly, intoxicated and enmeshed in our apathetic deeds,

while our mother Earth still gives of herself even though she bleeds?

Will we be that generation that condemns our children’s children to inherit an Earth plundered and diseased,

bestowing upon them a planet once bounteous, but by then long deceased?

Will we be the ones blamed for stripping our mother Earth bare,

in the blind pursuit of wealth, and without a care?

But there may still be time to stem the bleeding that flows from mother Earths veins,

but only if we seize this singular opportunity to yank back our profit-driven reins.

There may still be a few more moments, in which we can collectively unite,

beyond narrow self-serving interests, and by shunning our petty spite.

There may still be ways by which we can this beautiful earth tend,

across borders, if we realise that we are staring into an abyss, almost at the very end.

There still rests within our hands the power to right the obscene wrongs we are guilty for,

a sliver of a chance, a slight crack in the narrow, yet still open door.

But if we fail this Earth, we shall all be culpable in her agonising demise,

and then, there shall be no room for pretences, and no time for feigning fake suprise.

Because if we refuse to accept that the damage inflicted is man-made,

there shall be no shelter beneath which generations to come may bask under a tree’s shade.

And if we do not take action now, already long overdue,

to agitate against the rapacious greed of the few,

there will be no gardens in which our children may behold, the scintillating drop of fresh morning dew.

If we do not force our governments to regulate themselves and their kin, the beastly corporations, by raising all our voices to a roar deafeningly loud,

we shall be known as the contemptible ones, who watched the carnage against the Earth, while blindfolded by greed’s ugly shroud,

and worst of all, we made and still make merry,

sipping champagne, letting the heinous crimes be perpetrated in our name,

while in complicit silence, the ravaging, by us all, was allowed,

to our eternal guilt, and our collective shame.