Fading a little every passing day,

peaceful thoughts slipping away,

fleeing to the wild grasses,

where blazing flowers sensually sway.

Fading a little,

feelings aching to be embraced,

numbed by stings of accumulated clutter,

destined to swirl down fate’s yawning gutter.

Fading a little,

desires strewn like scattered leaves on desolate pavements,

with numberless lonesome hearts invisible in cold tenements.

Fading a little,

tomorrow’s words unspoken,

the trepidation, the fear remains, that they may already be torn and broken.

Fading a little,

taking an eternity to mend raw streaks of despair,

the sharp shards of so many a wound that we all share.

Fading a little,

ever seeking a gentle heart,

to belong, to simply belong, if only just, as an infinitesimal part.

Fading a little,

trying to be human, for my pain is not just mine, yours not just yours

dreaming of us walking hand in hand, far away from life’s deafening roars.

Fading a little,

the mirror a haunting spectre of advancing age,

after all these decades, still seeking release from the vacuum of this glittering cage.

Fading a little,

through the harsh years that have gone before,

would you fade with me for just a little more?

Fade a little more?

stepping into the twilight of life,

would you fade with me off the precipice of this blade’s knife?

Haven’t we, after all, weathered the pain, the desolation,

the thousand cuts of life?