I love her …


she found me, when torrents raged, splinters gnawed,

she found me, when my wings were shattered, my heart tattered,

she found me, when I was desolate, when nothing mattered,

she found me, in the depths of despair, deep in the maelstrom, gasping for air,

she found me, trapped in the quagmire, blind in the clutches of the fog, a captive in that indifferent bog.

She found me.


She reached down, her hand outstretched, infusing hope, picking me up when I was unable to cope,

she pulled me out of the emptiness of that swarming hive, the abyss of loneliness, when I no longer felt alive,

she helped me stand, with my hand on her shoulders, her body and soul bearing my weight, just when I had given up, surrendering myself to the crevasses of frigid fate,

she fed me, nourishing my soul, as I imbibed her warmth, she dug me out of that cavernous hole,

she led me into pastures green and alive, awash with colours radiant and bright, when all I knew was the void of night,

she held me, in the cocoon of her embrace, her hair a waterfall drenching my face, feeling reborn in her bounteous embrace.


I was not worthy of her, and the delicate gentle balm she cocooned me in,

I was not worthy, lying in that discarded alley, of her enveloping me in herself deep within.

I was not worthy, of her healing ,

I was not worthy, of her tender love, her unconditional gift of distilled pristine feeling.

I was not worthy then,

I fear that I am not worthy now.

Still, she loves me,

and I love her from the deepest recesses of my core,

for it is she whom I shall love,