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Moments before Rain

before the deluge,

greying clouds congregate,






self assured,

of sprinkling hope,

over us all

if we are willing,

to be able to endure,

though besieged by the torrents of fate,

assaulted as time idly shambles past,

skewering the memories,

once betrayed,

destined to eternally last,

while drowning,


going under,

diving deep beneath,

the tides of mishmashed grumbles,

lost in a numbed haze,

of unfinished mumbles,

all promising cascades,

of dazzling hues,

amidst strawberry shades,

while wills crumble,

and all resolve fades …

capitalism 101 …

When it breaks, shatters,

rendering souls mute, with hearts in tatters.

Does it bother you at all?

that for you to rise,

so many must fall.

Choosing to love another, regardless of colour, of tribe, of caste,

without rushing to judgment with indignant hate,

regardless of where one was born,

mattering not how thin or how fat,

however our size or form,

is a revolutionary act in a time when the proliferation of hate seems to be the norm.

Choosing to love another, beyond beliefs, or creed,

reveals humanity’s truth,

across gender, religions,

reaffirming that we are all we are all of one species, that we all bleed red, 

mattering not the rainbow hues of our face,

knowing that we are all connected beings,

of this,

our human race …

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