I’ve walked, and I’ve talked, I’ve averted my gaze, and I’ve gawked,

at the soulless passing parade, wrapped up in gaudy colours to hide the diseased charade.

I’ve watched and I’ve seen, I’ve lifted the rug to find the unseen,

the lost souls caught in the quagmire, the broken faces on display for hire.

I’ve broken bones, I’ve thrown stones, I’ve torn hearts asunder, muffled by the roaring thunder,

to shield myself from blame, I’ve been a hypocrite in their own game.

I’ve woken up gasping for air, I’ve pretended to not care,

about lives destroyed by war, choosing light banter, not wanting to sound like a bore.

I’ve kissed and I’ve been kissed, I’ve surfed the razors edge, gleeful of all I’ve risked,

the loves that came along I’ve cast away, without remorse cos’ I’ve always thought I’ve lived for the day.

I’ve squandered good folk, I’ve laughed at them as I’ve seen them choke,

shooing away the gentle and kind, tearing and swearing at the ties that bind.

I’ve wasted my breath on cigarettes and moonshine, I’ve shackled myself to apathy with knotted twine,

I’ve unashamedly looked the other way, I’ve given not a hoot about what people would say.

I’ve been kind only to me, pretending never to see,

the lives tattered by my oblivious deceit, the hearts shattered by my endless conceit.

I’ve always tried to shirk responsibility, I’ve always chosen to deny culpability,

of all the lives that I’ve broken, of all the lies that I’ve spoken.

I’ve lost myself to me, I’ve chosen exactly the person I’ve wanted to be,

the pernicious one who takes with glee, the crass man adrift on life’s sea.