I lay here, a prisoner to your loveliness, an eager captive of your seductive magic,

weaving pastel paths, away from the daily grind, far away from the ceaseless din,

craving you, with a hunger felt deep within,

at times set free,

teasing the sensation of goosebumps on my skin.

I stew in this cauldron of your sensual fire,

enveloping my very being entire,

with every caress of your sultry breath,

leaving me tingling, with insatiable desire.

I am the butterfly, achingly drawn to the nectar of your love,

I am the moth, fluttering in ecstacy, dancing around your flame,

I am nothing without you, merely a parched traveller thirsting for your lips,

pining, scalded by the heat of you,

while the distant sun melts into the horizon as it dips,

and just as another day without you,

into unwelcome night,

quietly slips.