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My Vagabond Heart


My vagabond heart
shuffles, ever on,

seeking unknown truths,

here, there, everywhere,

as years fade like youth, slipping through a sieve.


Still the vagabond heart shuffles ever on,

the path long, arduous,

stepping between minefields,

at times hopeful,
at times suffocated by dread,

for there have been far too many fractured smiles,

far too many tattered feelings,

littering the alleyways of life that I have tread.


My vagabond heart shuffles ever on,

its pieces strewn
hither and thither,

my tears slipping,
slithering down my bruised cheeks,

perennially on the mend,

as I trudge on,

ever hopeful,
ever seeking,

the wild flower that may blossom,

just around the next bend.


A summer breeze,
drifts down lonesome pathways and byways and alleyways,

touching worlds,

torn apart.

The breeze engulfs,
a pristine sky of blue,

scattering the murmuring clouds,

that blanket the blazing African heavens,

in swirls and immaculate shrouds.


A passing shower,
of gentle misty rain,


on freshly scented-earth.

It soothes,

it caresses,

the exhausted thoughts,


a weary traveller,

who sits,

alone, all alone,

under a Baobab tree.


The traveller walks alone,

at peace with the fragrant soil,

collecting memories of smiles embraced along the way.


Finally, the wandering soul,

seeks rest,

finding peace at last,


knowing its price,

is to let go –

each memory,

and every smile,

that once burned true,

but now,
awaits release,

from the ache of the lingering past.

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