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The Path to the Road


The Path to the Road.

I have walked, barefoot,

gravel splintering my soul,

I have crawled, naked,

thorns piercing my heart,

I have fallen, broken,

rain slicing my mind,

I have stood, bearing,

weight on my twisting back,

I have reached,


the path I must travel,

to reach the road that shall lead me to you.

just a quick scribble …

sashaying to strains, melodies strumming my veins,

in low plateaus, through deepest vales,

soothing life’s pains,

banishing icy rains,

hushing sobs, shushing wails, grasping days by its reins,

steering a course on the seas of fate,

where fear and trepidation pales,

free winds coaxing me ever onwards, into fresh pathways, along unchartered trails,

with hope,

always hope, within sight of the lighthouse,

keeping me ever afloat, bolstering my sails.

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