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The Moth

The Moth.

Am i the moth, seduced by your flame, destined to burn out in a blaze,

am i the bee, drawn to your nectar, bound to lose you in the misty winter haze.

Am i the ache, consumed by you, you who embody all that is true.

Am i all of that and more, drawn inexorably to your core,

ignorant that a love such as this existed,

ever before.

Thunder and Lightning.


Rain trickles down window panes, mournful streaks of tears,

thunder booms, moans and ebullient sighs,

lightning blankets evening hues,

butterfly kisses on the canvas of nature,

a crescendo undulating beneath heaving skies,

as moments, days, years, and time,

simply flies.

Peace and Equality and Equity for all!


Drowning In her Eyes.

Drowning in her eyes,

eyes chastising me for looking away,

till my gaze got caught, in those eyes’ captivating sway.

I fear I would drown in your eyes“, I said in a whisper,

drown“, she murmured.

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