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My Beach of Dreams

My Beach of Dreams.


Turquoise waters tease your toes,

walking on our dreamy beach,

fingers entwined,

a sensuous breeze caressing your lavender hair,

the soft sand kneading your feet so delicately bare.


The burnished sun swoons and dips,

my ravenous mouth hungers for your sweet lips,

our hearts beat as one to the rhythm of the waves,

scorched by the furnace of desire that our love so passionately craves.


I wake up, with your head on my shoulder,

my soul, my being, my very self continues to smoulder,

I kiss you gently on your forehead,

my fingers tracing poetic verses down your cheek,

I am,
at long last,

at peace,

I have found my home,

there is nothing more I care to seek.

Parallel Lines.
Strange are parallel lines,

destined never to meet,
two hearts, aflame, thud-thudding to the same beat.

Seeking little,

not wealth nor title,
some tenderness, comforting solace,
sipping love from her eyes’ chalice.

Parallel lines,
we may be,

bound never to meet,
seeking peace, love, another soul with whom to share this lifes’ smiles, tears,
each days’ hopes,

the nights’ fears.

Parallel lines we are,
though we may never meet,
you breathe beauty into every breath i breathe, 
as i yearn for you, only you,
in every heartbeat.

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