will you walk with me ?


will you walk with me, my friend, my love?

our tattered shoes carrying us across our shared earth,

imbibing life from this, our common soil,

calloused hands testimony to the sweat, the pain, and our grinding toil.

will you share with me your abandoned hopes, your desolate fears,

sharing together simple joys, amidst falling tears.

we shall share a life together, not devoid of sorrow, loss, and not of hardships free,

but i shall always remain true to you, and you shall always remain true to me.

will you take my hand in yours, my love, my friend,

we have much to traverse still,

with many a worn-out shoe yet to mend.


we shall walk hand in hand, vowing against injustice to always take a stand,

never to be a part of the soulless, numbed parade,

never to be seduced by the ostentatious, plastic charade.

we shall together, as one, carve our own road ahead,

walking on many a path yet to be tread.


will you walk with me, my friend, my love,

as we lay together, your hand in mine,

gently kissed by the glorious sunsets, with you, my only love,

basking in radiant sunshine,

enveloping us from above?