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​life, hope, and the now.

navigating the path ahead, negotiating the thorns scattering the cold bleak ground,

we walk oblivious of the ravages of tomorrow, not knowing the catapults of bliss and of sorrow,

seeking only peace and contentment here in this torrid realm, adrift at times on waters choppy, hands tied far away from the helm,

yet and still, hope breathes in, the soot of departed yesterdays, seeking evermore the promise of uncharted pathways,

yes, hope breathes, infusing fresh air banishing the stale putrid stench,

urging us ever onwards, imploring us to grab each day, from the detritus of the past,

stilling the mind,




Rain on parched earth, the rejuvenation of life,

nature showering her realm with promise.

Rain falling, infusing the rebirth of dusty leaves,

nourishing the roots of thirsty trees.

The rains remind me of you, the earthy aroma replenishing the day,

your earthiness firmly rooted, revelling in the trees that in the rains sway.


The rains are much akin to you, as I imbibe renewed hope from your cauldron of giving.

The rains are much akin to you, as I breathe again, for you make each day worth living.

clasping onto hope,

fragile strands of sanity dispelling unseen phantoms,

lost amongst the suffocating crowd,

cloaked in your invisible shroud,

fortitude restraining you from crying out loud,

still your fire rages, 

crackling embers testament to your dignity,

your insolent defiance, ever steely, seeing through the lies,

your quiet strength resting deep,

in your eyes.

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