The Markets Are Down 2 and a Quarter Percent.

banish the hubris,

toss away the choice words, mouthed by avaricious, broken tongues.

silence the chorus of appalled shock.

shred the hollow speeches.

tear down the gory platitudes:

the notions of ‘capitalism with a conscience’.

the lie of ‘trickle down economics’.

the wounds of ‘enforced austerity’.

the savagery of ‘neo-liberal capitalism’.

the 1% praising the gods of equality and freedom, the gods with which unmasked hypocrisy they mock.

drain the sewers.

flush away the insidious odour,

seeping up from conferences, summits, bilateral talks.

put it all in a closet and weld the key in the lock.

shut it all off.

douse the blinding lights.
pull the damned plug:

but hold on to that precious blue-chip stock.