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for our mother, Zubeida Moolla (1934 – 2008)

she left us, with the thoughts of her embrace to warm us,

in frigid mornings of tomorrows yet to come.

she left us, with words of tender truths to shroud us,

in the coming evenings of slicing  sleet.

she left us, yet she stays within us,

in our waking dreams, our restful thoughts.

she stays within us,

and of us she shall remain an abiding part,

of the love,
the pain,
the tears,

and for that, we shall never be truly apart.


ps: our mother passed away after a lengthy battle with Motor-Neurone Disease. this poem is dedicated to all those who have been afflicted with MND and their families.

wearing futile words,

tattered garments concealing the real,

taut emotions demanding revelation.

wearing needless words,

ragged shrouds cloaking battered souls,

memories goading tremulous selves.

wearing unbearable words,

a wilting melancholy flower,

reaching out to clasp, perennially,

a truth beyond one’s grasp …

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