hope 3.0

rough pebbles on a deserted beach, bracing the tides,
moment by moment,
wearing down coarse stone, on sands of fate,
ceaselessly eroding, jagged hope into slate.
moment by moment,
storms thrash weakened resolve, paltry bits part of the whole,

mundane life, banal repetition, clambering into a freshly dug hole.

moment by moment,

thrashed around, grinding us down, left to the winds of destiny,

futile, staggering up to rise, swirling in a maelstrom of tears,
reaching for a less pained shore, time racing on, scratching away the years.
moment by moment,
absorbing passing days, tending a solitary bud into a fresh flower,
no longer the need, to crawl, to wrestle, to gnash teeth,
no more the need, to battle the fates,
no longer relegated to the corner to cower.