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​embroidered smiles, smoothly hewn conversations.

banal. hollow.

the callous, practised apathy,

smothering all whispers of the forgotten.

as smiles abound,

over cappuccino and croissants.

​the chords of dissonance.

tempestuous waves lash the shores of my being,

smashing cliffs, thrashing the ramparts.

feeling the erosion,


gradual, incessant.

clad in my armour,

shielding me,

against frigid waters of fate.

until now.

the armour pock-marked,

battle-fatigue clawing at my throat,

what once was a crescendo of promise,

disintegrating into jangled chords of dissonance.

but, still, and yet,

trying to stem the cacophony,

somehow knowing,

that from jagged rocks of memories,

from icy waters of destiny,

from the dissonance of infinite chords,

that, yet, maybe, perhaps,

there awaits,

the promise of a new symphony.

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