my simple wish, of seeking a gentle being, a warm heart, to share the crests and the troughs, when gazing into her eyes, all melancholy may depart.

a companion to walk on moonlit beaches, a refuge to dwell in when harsh times take their toll, a simple wish to lean onto each other, to always be there for one another.

in her smile, a tinge of pain, having braced this world so often cruel, my assuring her of unwavering truth, to be her rock, to be less the exception, and more so the rule.

knowing that I am not young anymore, the years fled past, leaving me alone, desolate, lonely to the core.

my simple wish to find in her my abode of peace, her love wrapping me in a warm shawl, in her laughter a lifetime of pain finding release.

our love not just quaint and comfortable, but with passionate desire burning, scalding our bodies with aching longing churning.

a simple love, of holding each other tight, cocooned within the folds of our warmth, cherishing each day, welcoming each night.

ah! but to find her, to meet one so true and infused with love, i ramble along these highways of stone, famished for being so long, so alone.

so tell her I await her on the greenest plains, across the mountains and in valleys deep, where once found, together in love,

we may till daybreak sleep …