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finding myself 

​finding myself.

walking on shrapnel, the scimitar cleaving my heart, lost in the darkness of the city lights, pressed down by the burdens of the now, the only constant is to carry on, but how?

traversing waves of splintered glass, crawling through desolate valleys, displaced by time and fate, bound to fragmented feelings, deep in the dungeons of this aimless ship’s dreary galleys.

will i find my place of peace, is it awaiting my arrival, when smashed against the rocks by the coming in of the tide, gulping air for mere survival, has it all fled to a crevasse to hide, or do i look deeper within my very being, where my answer may silently reside.

undulating kisses, peppering the troughs and peaks of your molten body,

the touch of your silken flesh weaving valleys of delight, whispered breaths breathed breathlessly,

sheathing fiery sweat,

cocooned by day’s dimming light, 

surrendering to passion,

beyond the scarlet sunset,

receding deeper still,

into the coming furnace of night.

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