Gaslighting 2.0

what is to become of us all, we, the people.

we, the people, who are being pummelled by doublespeak, being whipped into a frenzy, tearing down the bonds of humanity into prejudiced dumbed down other-hating, thrashing us with half-truths and flat out lies, feeding the psychology of fear with noxious notions of superiority over ‘them’, where the rich and powerful and influential are consciously infecting us with the toxicity of separateness, of neo-apartheid, while we, the people, traverse the quagmire of surreal unrealness, the smokescreen of diversions, the blurry realm of the quoted word, the mangling of language, the usurping of words to confabulate and confuse, the plunder of the already weakened and kicked down, the sickening abuse of power to enrich the 1% while disempowering the 99%, the stoking of vulgar emotions to push the agenda, the party line, the pulling the wool over we, the people to believe in that that shall tread all over us, as we march chanting and flag waving towards the precipice.

but all is not lost, all is not for nought, for we, the people may rise, to stem the tide of lies, to resist the truncheon of propaganda, to crush the homophobia, to tear down the islamophobia, to drown out the anti-semitism, to seize the torch of hope, a hope that shines a light on that that makes us alike, on that that unites we, the people, on that that expels the venal infusion of racism, of misogyny, of xenophobia, of ‘othering’, a hope for a tomorrow not clouded by the fog of war, but by the radiance of peace, a hope for the coming together of we, the people, to reclaim our commons, a hope translated into action, to wrest back that which unites us all, black and white and brown and pink and all the colours in between, the extolling of commonality, while discarding the ugly banners of apartness, a hope for you and for me and for us all.

a hope for we, the people.



form of psychological abuse in which a victim is manipulated into doubting his or her own memory, perception, and sanity

source: Wikipedia