Vincent stared at the early evening sky.

Ludwig looked at his friend.

why do we feel so alone, dear Ludwig, just look at this canvas, it bathes us, blankets us, and is filled with flashes of lightsaid Vincent.

flashes of light, soaring like an orchestral crescendo, a blanket shared with a friend, yes, and yet, my dear Vincent, i feel desolate”, whispered Ludwig.

do you see the empty space between the flashes of light, my friend, that space is what your music colours“, Vincent said.

Ludwig looked up, smiling, yes, the space your colours infuse with hope, with every stroke of your brush, hope for those caught in all the empty spaces“.

hope for us all, in each of our very own, empty spaces, yes“, Vincent smiled at his friend.

empty spaces, but infused with colours, music, and hope“, whispered Ludwig, his smile broadening.