they tell me I’m pretty,

fellas always telling me I’m cute too,

oh but they weren’t, aren’t,

nowhere as irresistible as you,

it ain’t the way you do your hair,

oh no it ain’t the way you dress,

and it sure ain’t cos’ you’re a smooth talkin’ fella,

oh no,

it ain’t cos’ of any of that and much more,

i got the blues for you,

staggering away from my liquor store,

so say its true, its eatin’ me up inside,

say it so there ain’t no place i can slip away and hide,

or say nothing at all,

that’s the ache of the blues,

ain’t never gonna know,

if life is gonna kick you down,

if you’re gonna stumble, and fall,

or if you’re gonna be as you have always been,

standin’ proud, tall,

stoic, but never just a wall … … …