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fingers … … …



                 murmuring silent caresses,

                scribbling gibberish,

high above the cresting hopes,



in the deluge,

of softly soaked-monsoon kisses,



                   fingers, entwined,

teasing responses,

                           enmeshed, fused, between undulating waves,



                                        our wordless universe,

in unison,

                 fingers entwined,

our oneness,

                      together, now,



like ribbons and bows,


intermingling amidst shades,

                                   merging into hue,

breathing each other,


all of me,

                all of you.

​your eyes sketch skies,

silken sandpaper,

your touch,

the smell of your hair,

seducing me,

avalanches of curls,

kisses like tributaries fanning out, eroding the cold hard stone,

in your arms, in your shadows of your form,

I am whole,

never alone.

stringed, strung,

theoretically plausible,

infinite universes within a bubble,

floating in the spaces between spaces,

where time, and days and kisses and tears and fears and smiles and anger and all of this and lots of that,

oh and faces,

all blurring into nothingness,

starstuff, is all,

agonisingly close, or chillingly far,

starstuff is all,

we ever were,

Starstuff is all,

we still are …


inspired by Dr. Carl Sagan 

​so near, and yet so very far …

I hear the birdsong,

early in the summer dawn,

knowing you hear the same call,

of the flying hopes that soar through boundless skies,

feeling an instantaneous bond, forged,

strengthened, within,

with you,

as sure as daylight blankets each star,

you are with me,

within me,

so very near,

yet, still,

               so agonisingly far …

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