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in your eyes #9

in your eyes, i see,
desolation flee,

in your eyes, i know,
is a humanity that shall always flourish, ever grow,

in your eyes, i see, a fiery need, passion ablaze, mirth set free,

in your eyes, is where i wish to be … … …

in your eyes #8

in your eyes,
have i plumbed the depths of truth,

in your eyes,
have i found rejuvenated youth,

in your eyes,
have i seen my future, my now,

in your eyes, that do soothe … … …

in your eyes,
spices swirl, dark chocolates whirl,

awake beside you,
your breath against mine,

waiting, as you sleep,
for your eyelashes to unfurl … … …

in your eyes #6

whittling down reason, drawing out a rhyme,

searching for the truth,
hurtling through time,

in your eyes, i find my answer, my refuge from the incessant rain,

in your eyes, i sail upon the ocean, devoid of pain … … …

lilting, songs rise, from the ashes of torn dreams,

scattered on the waters, of this life’s  streams … … …

“i have lost my way”, i said,

she smiled, taking my hand,

“i am still searching”,

“i have found you”, said i,

“and i, you”, she breathed … … …

why do tears fall like rain, stripping the veneer, exposing the pain,

a coldness seeping, grappling, to shield minds, tucked away shielding the sane,

why do tears fall like slicing rain,

a perennial deluge, jabbing, prodding, a thousand miniscule cuts,

weathering bruises, again and again … … …

the rain pelts down,
cleansing barren pathways,

sweeping all detritus of yesterday away,

soaking up the pain,
promising the radiance of the sun,

to emerge,
dispelling the gloominess of today … … …

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