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A Bipolar Scribble

a bipolar scribble … … …

thoughts racing, taking on the whole world so cruel and wide,

‘I’m fine, I say, I just have to decide’,

do i stay in bed again, swirling down a maelstrom of gloom,

or commence in the spring-cleaning of my already spotless room,

ah, decisions decisions,
far too many to divine,

‘I think I’ll scribble endlessly on, because really, really, really, I really am just fine’




when i leave my ink behind, ever searching for slivers of hope in the shape of a rhyme,

i breathe, i live, feeling sorrow slip through my fingers,

because scribbling for you is where the peace lies, the peace so elusive to find … … …

nothing leaves a heart reeling more than the heart filled with an abundance of feeling




in your eyes #13

in your eyes #13

clasping onto hope,
fragile strands of sanity dispelling unseen phantoms,

lost amongst the suffocating crowd,
cloaked in your invisible shroud,

fortitude restraining you from crying out loud,

still your fire rages, crackling embers testament to your dignity,

your insolent defiance, ever steely, seeing through the lies,

your quiet strength resting deep,

in your eyes … … …

in your eyes #12

your light blazed bright,
a comet slicing through the moonless night,

enveloped by your sight, dimming the pangs of my darkening plight,

i found my peace, in the blue open skies,

of your eyes … … …

Branch | Bird

nestled on a branch,
a solitary bird sings its mournful song,

the branch undulates,
straining to bear the bird’s weight,

offering respite, succour, peace,

just a little,
a little to ensure the tiny bird is at ease … …

burnished by the sun,
petals fade,
as another day is done,

lulled to rest,
that morning dew shall soon come,

invigorating life, again,
and for a fleeting moment,
banishing all strife

jacaranda street

breaths drawn,
echo across fields of green,

a plaintive song,
teasing the grass,

paths once walked,
hand in hand,

now burning highways,
of cold stone, dead concrete,

yearning for bygone days,

walking, together,
on your jacaranda carpeted street

cinnamon kisses,
sprinkled on honeydew lips,

sate the thirst,
of parched desire,

“hold me”, she said,

we have many a mile yet to tread … … …

crushed flowers lay casually strewn,

apathy into warm hearts are hewn,

what is this life so hopelessly out of tune,

tell me before I disappear over the barren dune … … …

remembered oaths,
churned out vows,

spilling into overflowing goblets,
weighed down by heaving plates,

not for me, this plastic charade,

not for me, the passing parade,

for me, the scent of your hair,

for me, you and i,

beneath the swaying of a palm,

in the shadow of the shade

under clouds of despair,

feeling lost,
gasping for air,

clasping onto filaments of hope,

may your strength never forsake you,

may you hold on tight,
fanning the embers of that hope,

may you find solace to live, to breathe,
to cope … … …

Johannesburg May 20 2016



books et al … … …



c l u t t e r


in your eyes #11

darkness enfolds night,
suffocating, cold, empty,

i stare, unseeing,
alone, desolate,

till i see,
the light in your eyes

life | pain

life weaves unseen strands,
wringing pain out of shattered hands,

while dusk settles,
and another lonesome night lands … … …

Many thanks to The New Verse News for publishing my scribble “Migrant”.




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for reading a bit later … I’m relaxing now, you understand I’m sure …


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