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she is searching

she looked here and there, beneath park benches, atop kitchen units, in the misshapen clouds above, the random dirt underneath her shoes.

she looked here and there, traversing highways, combing alleyways, scars camouflaged by cheap makeup, in rest rooms, in swirls of her ice-cream.

and when they asked her what she was constantly searching for, she told them all, in almost a whisper:

my dignity

she smiled at me,
two broken souls set adrift on a rudderless ship,

she smiled at me,
together ours shall be a shared trip,

casting off shackles,
anchorless on the high sea,

far from it all, as far as the eye could see,

she smiled at me,
broke not broken,

watching the tides, where no words need be spoken,

she smiled at me,
into the future we have set sail,

together, we shall make it, through wrinkled skin and many moons that may still pale

reduced to heaps,
ashes billowing in the winds,
laying bare the scars, reflected in eyes of deadened defiance,

‘love’ ‘trust’ ‘respect’

mere words dripping placatory platitudes,
its written in the stars, they say,


it is written here.

by us,
you and me,
us all,


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