Archive for April 4, 2016

“why?”, they ask

strawberry butterflies, sashaying in the breeze, past murmuring brooks, logs languid, laying around, enveloped by dewy grass, afloat on the damp ground,

(  the wanderer thinks  )

“why”, they always ask,

(  the wanderer feels their earnestness  )

“why do you wander,” they ask, “aimlessly around” ?

plucking thorns, scars skin adorns, piece by splintered piece, oblivious of fate, machinations that do not cease,

extracting shrapnel, embedded in my soul, heart, lives, cauterising stemming of blood, red scarlet drops on floors no one mops,

lobotomising consciences, inured principles, devoid of heart and soul, trudging along, hapless,

the journey ebbs on, the ache to feel, once again, whole … … …

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