afloat in a dream, bracing currents, tugged beneath the tide, still i swim, edgy rocks tearing flesh, in a flood of scarlet colouring the streams i sink into, still i swim, kicking against the grain, duelling demons, residing deep within, still i swim, pock-marked by fresh scars on healing skin, unable to breathe, hungering for air,  just above board, inches from thirsting lips, gasping for the light, just there, tantalising mind soul body to keep on keeping on, fighting the comforting urge to sink, sinking down below, settling on bedrock silent and content, yet still i clamour, clambering, stripped skin hanging from raw bone, still i shall not cease, i shall not give in to desolate darkness, still i shall swim, i shall seek, that place of less unease, still i swim, to find my space of peace … … …


'illusory art' by Maya