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with apologies to bob dylan.

with apologies to bob dylan.

and as he walked on, ever on, he saw scorched souls crying out in silence, he saw wrestling emotions nakedly duelling, he saw those souls blown up on easter, he saw deaths faces, and he felt invisible. he saw himself and he was in pieces. blown to bits of smouldering flesh in belgium, baghdad, baluchistan, benin, he saw humanity crumble, greedy man, almost always man, he saw man scavenging on a savaged planet, he saw too much, he saw no more.

he wept. alone.
he wept for hilarious coincidences. he wept for hearts torn out, trampled upon, and set alight by forces of indifference. he wept for the lonely. he wept for those creatures like himself, tucked in their rooms high on solitude, feeling bereft, achingly longing for something more. someone more. he wept. he wept for dried and shrivelled daffodils. he wept for this charming man. he wept for the spongy lines. he wept for the dialogue, insufferably banal and boring as can be. he wept for them. he wept for the muddied, soaked, fractured, throbbing, rehearsed pulses of conversational sub-genres. he wept for himself. he wept for his narcissism, egomaniacal, puffed up and bloated on hubris. he wept for us all. he wept … … …


'Illusory art' by Maya

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