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'illusory art' by Maya

circles …

circles, minus edges, unabrasive, free flowing, unhindered, no points of departure, none of the grime of memory,

circles, effortless, untainted by breath, rolling across the spaces between us …

the whispering leaf … … …


'illusory art' by Maya

Infinite tendrils,
weave exquisite patterns,
forming an immaculate, delicate sheaf,

while morning’s dew whispers,
tales of forgotten woes,
left scribbled on every leaf.

Murmurs float gently,
across solitary trees,
to distant forests deep and dense,
teasing the waving grasses,
while coquettishly inflaming every sense.

Listen! For the murmurs whisper to us all,

listen carefully,
as the whispers recall,
the crushed memories of the lovers’ call.

For the whispering leaf shares,
a story that may travel,

to you, to me,
if we still our minds,


gaze upon each leaf,

if we can hush,
if we can still marvel.


'illusory art' by Maya

polished floors, paint dripping from fresh walls, tiles laid, house and home sparkling …

souls desolate, hearts unbeating, smiles jaded, ruffling through photographs, faded …


'illusory art' by Maya

innocence, innocents, once upon a night, long past,

stripped bare, to the bone, dripping red blood on the desecrated floor,

ah but yearning for those days, those nights,

evermore … … …

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