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as we make our way through this life, these finite years, with their share of tears, of strife, the cruelty we witness, the pain we see, the sorrow we feel, may we remember to never give in, however foul or fair, may we not despair, may we never kneel, beyond the jitters and the odd titter, may we stand firm, never bitter, past the jeers, jabs, and the cackles, may we arise, to shake of the fetters, may we stand tall, may we cast off the shackles … … …

when dreams divide waking days, fretful nights,

when feelings are buffered, hopes scuppered,

when lost in self-loathing pity,

i think of you, setting my soul free,

to be.

to simply be … …

rain sweeps across these streets, in sheets,


i think of you,
solid, honest, true …

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