just as morning sashays and twirls
dust clouds of trepidation swirls

another day infused with light
hushing the whispers of covetous night

where hopes are paraded like wares
and dreams traded as blue chiselled shares

when all of this and all that jazz
raises the din to an unbearable razmatazz

humaneness getting lost amidst the incessant din
wearing each others patience thin

till night swoons back into view
thankful that todays tears were but a few

and so it goes on and on and ever on
far too many battles fought for the war to ever be won

till it all comes down to this hollow grand charade
trumpeting the crudeness of the passing parade

till leaden hearts fall faitigued to the ground

rotting as the vultures circle around

waiting for the flesh to rapidly decay
chewing and spitting out souls decapitated along the way

is this the living of life blabbered about in verse and in song
when each being survives the tribulations of the wrong

even as we sputter on in the gutters
gulping every breath in doleful stutters

lambasting him and her and them all as convenient nutters

panting as down go the fragile shutters

wistfully trampling on hearts of glass that shatter

but who cares in any case what really is the matter

expecting no peace as howling winds screech and batter

each fragile heart grinning insolently
like the maddest hatter

yes this is life they say

this is life

devoid of mirth yet mired in aching strife