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“first they came for the _____” ( Mr. Trump, fill in the blanks )


then they came for the. ______________

( fill in the blanks, Mr. Trump )

be careful,
the extremists appear to be on the ascendancy,

the brutal murderers of daesh and the neonazi drivel of trump,

so be careful: guard your mind,

never forget,

always remember:

“first they came for the Communists …”*

* – Pastor Martin Niemoller


Pete's Banjo



watching the stars fall, ablaze.

for her, only her,
in my bipolar haze,

as i gaze,
in a daze,
in wakeful night
                 in ceaseless days

midnight memories,

splintering dreams,
scattered along this endless trail …

… my heart,

wedged between her curtain rail,
left behind …

… my heart:

’tis with her,
’tis always been,

hers to find … … …

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