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Never Again

one century ago,

the 30s and 40s,
the world convulsed,

the odour of colonialism,
imperialism, fascism, nazism, genocide, ethnic cleansing,

hung in the air,

an ideology + one name:

nazism, hitler,

moved the world to pledge to us, the succeeding generations:

” N E V E R   A G A I N ”

a hundred years on,

may our silence not condemn,
succeeding generations,

so may this name not be associated with these times:

Donald Trump

strange are parallel lines,
destined never to meet,

two hearts, aflame,

seeking litte,
not wealth nor title,

seeking human tenderness,
a gentle comforting solace,

when sipping from her eyes’ chalice,

parallel lines,

we may be,
bound never to meet,

seeking only peace, gentle love, trust,

another soul with whom to share this lifes’ smiles, tears,

each days’ hopes,
some nights’ fears,

parallel line we are, yes,

though we may never meet,

you are a part of me,

breathing your beauty into every  breath I breathe,

yearning for you,

its always been only you,

in every heartbeat.

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