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the mirage

just out of view,
shades of hope,


intermingling, racing through tributaries,

veins of scarlet blood,

streaking down,
cheeks moist with tears,


hither and thither,

as the years amble on,
as the flesh wrinkles …

leaving behind glimpses of soft,
gentle joy,

effortlessly, inexorably,

as dreams settle,
floating between laughs,

onto the barren ground,
soon to wither.

talkin’ yakkitty-yak blah blues … …

why do these tears fall like blood,
engulfed in a torrential flood,

when will these pangs take flight,
fleeing open night,

what can we do,
to be true,

to me, and to you …

sprinkled scribbles …

sketched against skin,

softly soothing, dipped in inked nectar, infused with desires unleashed,

to live, to taste the salt of sweat on flesh, to walk in the torrential rain, drenched in perennial desire,

scorching, broiling, slowly inflamed, centuries, months, moments, decades,

the moth to the fire … … …

talkin’ dreamscapey blues ….

slipping through sieves,
time leaves,

scurrying off, slinking away,
so let me hold you close, tight,

as dreams crash, plummeting,
spiralling gradually, slowly, agonisingly,
into freefall flight,

blinded by knowing whats right,

holding you close,
holding you tight …

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