pseudoscience and new-agey unreason.

see the charlatan,
peddling hope?

selling, always selling,
well-meaning, no doubt,

hope and dope,

the dope is a bit strange,
common-sensical at times,

appealing to our innate emotions as sentient beings,

as human beings who feel.

the hope is toxic,
overfilling the ocean that is you within the cosmic fabric of our shared consciousness,

yes something like that,

unreason with frills,

promises of seizing ones inner ‘negativity’,

and unshackling all that keeps the ‘soul’ from being ‘receptive’ to help –

what a sham!

so, please,
don’t bamboozle me,
you see,

with flim-flam,
obscure words,

plumbing the quantum realm,
with belief, not reason,

soft, comforting, wishy-washy answers perennially uttered,
for every season:

quantum healing,
chakras of inner light,
elements of fire and water,
in a marinade of love and light,

don’t bamboozle the needy,
just because you’re greedy,

perhaps not for money,
but for doing the right thing

( naturally, your belief makes you feel you just “have to” share this amazing thing revealed to you and a few others )

so again imploring you, I say,

stop peddling the intoxicating dope of false hope,

with the glazed-eyed zeal of the one knowing the truth,

because you don’t,

there’s science for that sort of thing,

and by the way,
instead of hurling glib, shallow answers,

perhaps listen to someone else’s voice for a change,

not just your inner one,
preaching all across the open range,

for is true humility not the ability to acknowledge that, no, we don’t know all the answers,

we may never know all the answers,

but we shall certainly keep asking the questions,

and so, really,
it is quite alright to say,

“I do not know”