talkin’ walkin’ along blues …

been a-walking awhile,
seen much,
heard bits,
scraps of yarns,
spun around the fires,

igniting cores,
huffing at social mores,
while a-walking along,
donning the masks,
of the strong,

in this cesspool,
where people fester in swamps,
because they isn’t anyplace else,

it was always all just fairytales,
meant to placate,

to buy time,
before truth portrays,

the real crime,

till then,
whenever the when,

betraying scars,
of endless wars,

to protect you,
as tsunamis flog hearts,
emotions like a whip,
cracks and lashes,

ashes to ashes,
dust to dust,

ashes in the breeze,
dust back interred,

the charade,
the party,

at all costs,