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a quasi-philosophical scribble …

whispers echo,
stumbling, crawling,

caught in sandstorms,

trudging across deserts,
strewn with famished hearts,

staying afloat,
ceaselessly bashed by merciless tides,

gasping for breath,
deep in oceans of misplaced tears,

ever wary of tomorrow,
as another dawn nears,

carrying the scars,
scabs still unhealed,

souls battered,
sliced by the elements,

fate, destiny,

free smiles are caged,
remaining shackled,

through myriad threads,
hopelessly entangled,

here, now, today,

drowning out the whispers of hope,

love reigned in,
back to now,

away from placid streams,
far from sunsoaked dreams,

to awake back here,
without you by my side,

as years shamble on,
exhausting my weary eyes,

dripping blood,
shedding tears,

with nowhere,
nowhere at all,

left to hide.

couldn’t we just escape,
for an hour or two,

lost in the depths,
of each others eyes,

free at last,

to touch peace,
serenity finally,

on the canvas,
of dreamscapey skies.

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