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synapses …

why …

wondering why
synapses fire

even though


still synapses fire
wondering why

i miss you
your presence
your being entire

even though
life drags us
through its quagmire

of that
all of this

still synapses fire
still wondering why

it is you
whom i miss …

an immigrants lament …


gazing at the sky
i often wonder why,

birds soaring,
high in the open sky,

are free to fly ?

is it that they have wings,
for i too have wings, friend,

i often wonder why,
huddled against desolate sleet,

i often wonder why,
buried under flimsy newspapersheet,

that i too have wings, friend,

i too have wings!

it is just that
my little wings,

are my tired
little feet …


(photograph of a Danish border guard playing with a Syrian girl)

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