nonsense ( a forewarning )

thoughts meandering down bylanes of fogged memories, skipping over stoic stones, left strewn on the riverbeds of dreams torn, stones worn smooth over the passing of epochs, bidding adieu to faces sharpened by pain, tears dripping blood from hacked-off branches, amidst the static of the zinging pinging in the trenches, beckoned by unchartered waters of promise, a sea of endless beginnings, heralding news days, basking under the warmth of the sun, bathed and cleansed, embraced, marinading on the boil, gently stewing, moulting lost skins betrayed by times’ delicate plucking, on the strings of life, vibrations of passionate truth ring out, finding only multitudes of deadened and deafened scars, salving sins in soaked bars, slipping away without a shout, leaving me thinking –

what was it all ever about?