Archive for July 29, 2015


do you remember


scribbling verses on your bare back?

in some alleyway of memory

lost between some fragrant detour

though i bloody well think im bloody well sure

that that meant bloody well something to you too

or else im truly lost


a sad story almost
too good to be bloody true

I am

just when you think you’ve broken me

i will not cower

your manliness does not frighten me

your mouth will not silence me

I am I
I am me

I am

and you are not

why do you scribble, they ask

why do you ask, i scribble

“i paint starry nights, Ludwig, to help me forget each torrid day”

“and i compose odes to joy, Vincent, to keep pain at bay”

“we are alike, you and i, dear Ludwig”, Vincent says as he sketches a smile

“yes Vincent, we are alike, our tattered shoes yet to carry us across so many a mile”

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