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revolution denied

revolution denied

free at last

to bury the past

very deep

losing little sleep
over a revolution denied

and all the lies lied

while the many remain hungry

the few plunder till they are stuffed

sleeping on silken silks
their frills neatly buffed

and should the impertinent many demand their rightful dignity

oh why well then
the many must

oh they absolutely must

be hushed

or forever shushed

i lost some of my innocence that day

an odd day all those years ago

when papa asked me to take some tourists to a few sights around town

so i did

we went there
and here
and back

and then something inexplicable occurred

inexplicable to me at least

( naive teenager that i was )

when finally reaching the lotus temple

the four men refused to join me as i led them to this scintillating jewel of architecture right in the middle of my beloved delhi

i couldn’t understand why you see

till we dropped the tourists off at their swanky hotel

and later i told papa what had happened at the lotus temple


he said

‘they must have been the religious kind’

which in itself meant nothing to me

and he elaborated

and another petal of innocence fell to the winter floor

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