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Solidarity with Greece


We Shall Always be Many More

(For the dispossessed of this world)

we shall always be many more
we who roast in your designer factories
our brows dripping with our salty sweat
we who may forgive but shall never forget

we shall always be many more
we who reek of cheap moonshine
we who stagger and often stumble
we whose stomachs never cease to rumble

we shall always be many more
we who polish your fine bone china
we whose pay gets docked if one cup is chipped
we who fight your wars, and off to battle get shipped

we shall always be many more
we who clean up after your pretty children
we whose kids are hungry, naked and get swept
into the bowels of desolation, as mothers’ tears are wept

we shall always be many more
we who do your dirty work each day
we who you treat like vermin, foul and rotten
we whose trampled dignity is always forgotten

we shall always be many more
we who will rise up and seize the light of hope
and reclaim what is ours for our daughters and sons
though we will always be in the cross-hairs of your guns

we shall always be many more
and there shall be many more of us still to come
to rid you of your smug arrogance and endless greed
for we too have children whom we have to feed

we shall always be many more
‘and the meek shall inherit the earth’
or something like that though we no longer care
for we shall rise up one day to demand our rightful share

we shall always be many more…

(With thanks to Ken Loach’s movie ‘Land & Freedom’)

scribbles & rhymes

kind words
skewered over baking cobblestones

littering the streets of shameful cries

all caught in frozen sunlight

catatonic amidst cavernous avenues
silenced screams echo across each thorny boulevard …

traversing rivers of tears drowned in an ocean of fears

choked by the noose bound tight held captive by endless night

walking and walking

between pillars of apathy veiled behind doors of hollow solace

trampling consciences deadened by malice dripping blood from a golden chalice

into the reeking sewers of feigned morality where it’s all about the deals that get struck

while we eat drink buy


ps: to skewer a line from the film ‘Apocalypse Now’,

‘ we drop napalm on children and yet we can’t use the word “fuck” because that’s obscene ‘

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