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Vincent & Ludwig #4

Vincent & Ludwig #4

“oh to hear a bird singing perched on a fresh twig, weeping down willowy branches, into an azure stream”, said Ludwig to Vincent.

“yes, my friend Ludwig, my nightmares aren’t raucous, but silent”, murmured Vincent.

“a desolate silence”, Ludwig breathed.

“loneliness”, whispered Vincent.


yesteryears whispers,
murmured promises,

ashen hopes,
scattered amidst the detritus,

of a life wasted away,
stumbling out of one and into another hazy day,

even though my heart still blazes,

my soul aflame,
my spirit revived,

burning bright,

dispelling trepidation,
regretful pained memories,

to be left behind,
at long last,

surrendered to departing night …

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